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Grim Tales

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Title: Grim Tales
Written by: Benjamin Durbin
Format: Standard hardback
SKU: BA03201
ISBN: 0-9720416-9-9
MSRP: $34.95
Available: Now

Bad Axe Games’ Grim Tales is the high adventure, low magic campaign sourcebook for fantastic roleplaying in your favorite pulp genres, from the dawn of Atlantis to the apocalyptic future of a dying planet. The Players’ Section contains all the rules for character creation, including hundreds of feats, skills, talents, and equipment arranged by genre and/or time period. The Game Masters’ Section is presented in true tool-kit fashion, allowing the GM to pick and choose from a wide variety of campaign trappings– Spellcasting, Horror, Technology, Vehicles, Firearms, Cyberware, and more– and to integrate them seamlessly into any campaign genre. The book also includes background material detailing the primary arch-villains of Grim Tales: a collection of evil overlords and their minions that can plague humanity (and challenge the PCs!) in any time period or genre.

This rulebook brings to fruition Bad Axe Games’ founding principle to provide “games with grit,” and includes multiple variants of each optional rule to allow gamemasters to fine-tune the realism and lethality of their game.

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