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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Heroes of High Favor: Halflings Goes to Print

Heroes of High Favor: HalflingsAugust 26, 2003 (North Providence, RI) — After a long delay, we are happy to announce that Heroes of High Favor: Halflings has gone to print.

In keeping with the theme of this series, Halflings explores halflings and new rules for their favored class, rogues. The book was extensively overhauled to be compatible with the 3.5 revision.

In addition to the usual new feats and 10 rogue multi-class prestige classes, the book has many new rules and options, including:

  • Lashworking
    You’d be amazed what nimble fingers can do with a few sticks and a bit of twine
  • Bluffs and Feints
    A selection of bluffs for those who long for more than simply “The target is denied his Dex bonus…” (We particularly like The Angry Penguin…)
  • Dirty Fighting
    Do something with your sneak attack dice besides killing
  • Ropemaking
    Fire-proof, water-proof, grease-proof, noose-proof, saw-cord, incendiary fuses… and a bit of box twine
  • Halfling Graffiti
    The code of tramps and vagabonds everywhere; add a little “everyday magic” to your halfling
  • Trapmaking
    From Granny’s Tonic to the Dirty Knobber, a selection of traps you can build with everyday items and set up in 10 minutes or less! 
  • “Jellija For Sale”
    A short introductory adventure for a solo halfling rogue.

We are extremely happy with this, our fourth book in the Heroes of High Favor series. Thanks to the inspired writing of co-author Jeremy Baldridge and the skills of Bad Axe Games’ ENnie nominated design team, we feel this is the most flavorful and visually appealing book of the series so far.

Heroes of High Favor: Halflings should be available within a few weeks.

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posted by Durbin Benjamin at 8:09 pm  
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