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Monday, March 31, 2003

Bad Axe Games Announces 2003 Release Schedule

March 31, 2003 (Lombard, IL) — Bad Axe Games is pleased to announce our 2003 product schedule, as follows:

Bad Axe Games 2003 Release Schedule

This June, Bad Axe Games finishes out their treatment of the core races and their favored classes with two distinct releases:

Heroes of High Favor: Halflings
BA03104 ISBN:0-9720416-4-8 $9.95
Heroes of High Favor: Halflings
continues to explore 3e’s new and interesting take on these vagabond rogues. Like all books in this series, the generous offering of new feats, skills, and prestige classes are supported with new rules exploring everything from the fine art of improvisational trapmaking to halfling slang and grafitti.

Update: This product has been delayed until the release of revision 3.5 of the SRD to ensure 100% compatibility!

Heroes of High Favor: Gnomes
BA03105 ISBN:0-9720416-5-6 $9.95
Gnomes make their own bold appearance in Heroes of High Favor: Gnomes. Bad Axe’s exploration of these clever craftsmen includes new feats, skills, prestige classes, and new rules for illusions, shadow, and earth magic.

Update: This product has been delayed until the release of revision 3.5 of the SRD to ensure 100% compatibility!

The Book of Unusual Treasures
BA03301 ISBN:0-9720416-6-4
Bad Axe Games is extremely pleased to announce a partnership with Philip J. Reed to bring his excellent line of PDF products to print. July marks the first such release with The Book of Unusual Treasures, which includes material collected from four of Philip’s PDFs: 101 Spellbooks, 101 Spell Components, and 101 Mundane Treasures, books I and II. All material is revised, expanded, and illustrated with original artwork.

Grim Tales
BA03201 ISBN:0-9720416-9-9
Based upon the d20 Modern SRD, Bad Axe Games’ Grim Tales is the high adventure, low magic campaign tool-kit for fantastic roleplaying in your favorite pulp genres, from the dawn of Atlantis to the apocalyptic future of a dying planet. Each chapter is presented in true tool-kit fashion, allowing the GM to pick and choose from a wide variety of campaign trappings– Spellcasting, Horror, Technology, Vehicles, Firearms, Cyberware, and more– and to integrate them seamlessly into the campaign. In addition, this rulebook brings to fruition Bad Axe Games’ founding principle to provide `games with grit,’ and includes multiple variants of each optional rule to allow gamemasters to fine-tune the realism and lethality of their game.

Heroes of High Favor: Anthology
BA03106 ISBN:0-9720416-3-X
The Heroes of High Favor: Anthology combines material from all five previous books in the series with unpublished material from each race, as well as with tons of all new “general use” material for the ubiquitous race of Humans. This enormous collection of feats, skills, and over 150 prestige classes covers every race and every multiclass combination, including psions and psychic warriors, and combines it all into a single hardback reference.

Osseum Entertainment, LLC, exclusively distributes Bad Axe Games worldwide to the hobby and book trade.

For additional information or review copy contact:

Jim Fallone, Director of Marketing
Osseum Entertainment
Phone: 425-271-5308
Fax: 206-374-2955

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Bad Axe Games logo is a trademark of Bad Axe Games. All rights reserved.

The ‘d20 System’ is a trademark owned by Wizards of the Coast and is used with permission.

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