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Thursday, September 2, 2004

Grim Tales Wins ENnie Peer Award

As reported today by EN World…

Grim TalesSept 2, 2004 (North Providence, RI) — Bad Axe Games is extremely pleased at the recognition awarded to Grim Tales by our fellow d20 designers. Although we would like to thank our fans, our freelancers, and our staff for a job well done, we are especially grateful to the many designers and contributors of Open Content whose work appears within the pages of Grim Tales. We share this award with all of you.

EN World Peer Award

Due to last-minute confusion, the EN World Peer Awards were accidentally left out of the awards ceremony at GenCon. Now, at last, we are happy to announce the Silver and Gold Award winners on EN World. First, a revision of the speech this year’s Peer Award coordinator Will Hindmarch wrote for the presentation of the Peer Award at Gen Con Indy 2004:

The Peer Award is determined through direct voting by a wide selection of d20 System game designers and authors. The process involves no nomination process: each invited participant simply votes for his or her favorite d20 System products from the last year (May 31, 2003 through May 30, 2004) and the products with the most votes are recognized with an honorary ENnie for their contribution to the library of products at large.

The spirit of the award is this: d20 System designers are fans, too, but sometimes measure the success of a product differently than the fan community at large. These products, therefore, are those which excited us as designers–or made us jealous. These are products we admire and appreciate, even if they weren’t included in the formal nominations of the EN World Awards.

No trophy is given for these products. Instead, we announce them here, in good company, as a pat on the back or a tip of the glass. If you haven’t given these books a chance, please do so. Each is an exceptional example of d20 System design at work, whether it bravely attempts something new or masterfully realizes a favorite old concept. If you’re a d20 System designer (and all you DMs are to some extent), study these books and learn. Then, when you see their creators at a convention somewhere, buy them a drink, throw the goat, or do whatever it is you do to recognize quality work.

It’s been my pleasure to conduct this year’s voting and be witness to the respect and generous praise each voter cast upon his or her peers. Better still, this year’s votes left us with ties in both the Silver and Gold Award Categories, so we get to share the good feelings with many talented designers and honor four stellar products today! They are, in no discernable order:


  • Grim Tales (Benjamin Durbin, for Bad Axe Games)
  • Draconomicon (Andy Collins, James Wyatt, Skip Williams, for Wizards of the Coast)


  • Arcana Unearthed (Monte Cook, Malhavoc Press)
  • Grimm (Robert J. Schwalb, Robert Vaughn, for Fantasy Flight Games)

Visit the Grim Tales product page for more information.

posted by Durbin Benjamin at 10:03 pm  

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