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Saturday, May 1, 2004

Grim Tales Shipping Now: The Long Wait is Over!

Grim TalesMay 1, 2004 (North Providence, RI) — Grim Tales, Bad Axe Games’ rules resource for high adventure, low magic campaigns, is now shipping. Orders will be shipping to distributors by Friday, May 7th, and will be available at your friendly local game store shortly after that.

Grim Tales is the high adventure, low magic campaign sourcebook for fantastic roleplaying in your favorite pulp genres, from the dawn of Atlantis to the apocalyptic future of a dying planet. Players will enjoy near limitless combinations of classes, feats, skills, and talents to create their characters, while GMs can pick and choose from a wide variety of design mechanics, variant rules, and campaign trappings to create exactly the setting he wants to challenge and entertain his players. Grim Tales is a complete toolkit, designed to be completely compatible with your existing library of d20 products, allowing you to use characters, equipment, spells, monsters, and even entire settings from nearly any source.

Visit the Grim Tales product page for more information.

posted by Durbin Benjamin at 9:57 pm  
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